1st Term Exam:- 15th September to 30th September
2nd Term Exam:- February - March
  • Promotions are granted on the basis of the whole years work of the pupil, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and works.
  • Pupils absent from Examination and monthly test for any reason are not re-examined and those absent without gave reasons will considered as having failed.
  • A pupil who fails twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school.
  • Result declared at the end of the year is final. They will not be reconsidered and answer paper will not be shown as well.
  • Grading:- Class Nur. & K.G.

    A+        Outstanding A         Excellent B+         V. Good
    B          Good C         Average D           Below Average
  • Criterion for promotion:- Grade C and above (First term + Second term).