Last date for 1st instalment of fees 15th April
Last date for 2nd instalment of fees 10th July
Last date for 3rd instalment of fees 10th August
Last date for 4th instalment of fees 10th October
Last date for 5th instalment of fees 10th December
Last date for 6th instalment of fees 10th February

2. The fee paying up-slip book shall be issued by the school in triplicate which has to be filled in legibly by the parents and dues are to be deposited in the bank from 3rd to 10th of every month. Bank will not accept any payment, after the 20th. After 10th - 15th a late fee fine of  50 /- and 15th - 20th late fee fine of  100 /- per instalment will be charged

3. Regarding the payment, the amount should be deposited in full. Bank will not accept the payment in parts.

4. Parents are requested to kindly keep the receipts, issued by the bank and produce them in proof of payment, if needed.

5. Certificate of progress will be withheld from pupils who have arrears of fees. The name of pupil will be struck off the rolls for non-payment of dues consecutively for two months.

6. Under no circumstances shall a pupil be allowed to take the final examination unless the school dues are cleared.

7. School Fee once paid will not be refunded.
N.B.: The yearly; “Activity Fee” covers library, sports, games and examination expenses.